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Sustainable Places Approach

Community Places taking sustainable action and building resilient communities.

Why we need climate action now

We are facing a climate emergency and all have a role to play. We need to strengthen the resilience of our communities, people, and places to ensure that we care for ourselves, our communities, and Papatūānuku. 

Tāmaki Makaurau has ambitious climate goals to mitigate the effects of climate change, and we are responsible as Aucklanders to help achieve these. 

  • By 2030 we will halve our emissions 
  • By 2050 we will reach net zero emissions 
  • By 2040 we will be a zero-waste city

What is the Sustainable Places Approach?

The Sustainable Places Approach is a holistic framework to support you to take sustainable action and grow community connection and resilience.  

This approach has been created in collaboration with Community-Led Partners to provide tools and support to take climate action and build resilient communities.  

our communities' needs are different across Tāmaki Makaurau, using this approach will help guide action for the priorities of your community and meet you where you're at on the sustainability journey. Together we can become climate champions.  

The Sustainable Places Approach breaks sustainability down into five pou to encourage us to think about the health of our whānau and the whenua and how these are linked.

Zero Waste

By growing our knowledge of waste and changing our consumer habits we can change our impact on the planet. The zero waste Pou explores themes of low waste practice in your space and what you can do to educate your community.  

Zero Emissions

To meet our carbon reduction goals we will all need to do our bit and work together. This pou looks at sustainable commuting, water, and energy efficiency, reducing our emissions, and protecting and restoring native biodiversity.

Community Resilience

Strengthening our community ties and connection is one of the best ways that we can prepare for a changing future. The community resilience Pou explores themes of emergency management, sustainable action in your strategy, supporting social enterprises and circular economy, and inclusion and accessibility.

Te Tiriti

Te ao Māori (the Māori worldview) provides essential insight for rethinking the way each of us lives in Tāmaki Makaurau. The Te Tiriti Pou explores themes of connection with the whenua, your learning, incorporating Te Reo and Tikanga.

Kai for all

Food is not only a direct way that we can reduce our carbon output but a way to connect with papatunuku and each other. The Kai for all pou explores themes of food equity, food resilience, and food cultures and traditions.

Sustainable Places Scorecard

The scorecard is a tool to help you think about the five pou and what action could look like. You complete the scorecard by selecting actions that you are already doing in your place and with your community. Once you have completed it you will find out whether you are Activator, Leader or a Champion in each pou. What do levels of impact mean?

An Activator is starting their sustainability journey. They are talking, thinking, trying out new things and making connections. They are laying the foundations as a team and at their place.

A Leader understands the impact they want to have in their community. They are setting goals and targets and creating tailored activations for their communities. A leader is connected and networking locally and regionally.

Champion partners with their community to empower them to take sustainable and climate action. They share their knowledge and success with others who are on their journey. They are the connectors in their communities, advocating, supporting and growing sustainable actions and champions.

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