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Get outside, have fun with family or friends and get your hands dirty greening up your backyard, local or regional park.


Volunteer in our parks

Volunteer in our parks

You can volunteer for one-off days to regular volunteering. We support volunteers to carry out ecological work through the guidance of park rangers.

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Pest plants and animals

Tips for dealing with pests

Find information on identifying and controlling weeds, pest animals and plant diseases at Auckland Council.

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FutureFit Carbon Calculator

FutureFit: Discover your impact

Join the movement of individuals harnessing the collective force of individual action. Discover your carbon footprint with FutureFit, then choose actions and goals tailored to you. Track your progress, share with others and celebrate your success.

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Green up your backyard and beyond preview image

Green up your backyard and beyond

Greening up your backyard, community or shared space not only helps improve local biodiversity and encourage more native species to thrive, it also helps to offset your unavoidable emissions.

Investing in native plants will attract native birds and other wildlife to your property and community. Not only that, but planting trees is one of the best ways to offset some of our unavoidable emissions, filter our air and make our city a nicer place to be. For advice on what to plant and where to source it, visit Auckland Council Biodiversity.

Not only is removing pests great for improving biodiversity and looking after our region, it means the plants and trees in your garden are able to grow strong, without damage caused by animal and plant pests, protecting their ability to soak up CO2. Auckland Council has plenty of tips and resources for dealing with pests, or check out Predator Free NZ for advice on the best traps and where to buy them.

If you want to give back to your community, why not get involved in a planting or conservation project in your neighbourhood? Tree planting is fun, great for the whole family, and you get to see the benefit of your efforts long after you’ve washed your hands and gone home. Head to the Our Auckland events page to find a local planting day you can get involved in.

Growing their own preview image

"Ever since I was little I’ve been aware of the impact of our lifestyle choices for the environment."

Vanessa & Matti
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Conservation is part of who I am preview image

"We’ve planted around 65,000 native species, and monitor weta, lizards, birds and water quality."

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There are so many benefits to eating plant-based foods preview image

"It often surprises people how delicious plant-based foods are."

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Living plant-based: eating for the planet preview image

"Living a plant-based lifestyle isn’t just a trend, the environment is my drive for taking action."

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