Auckland's Vision

Auckland aspires to become a world class city. Reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are critical to this vision.

Auckland Council’s target in The Auckland Plan is to achieve a 40% reduction in GHGs by 2040 (based on 1990 levels). Transport and electricity account for around two-thirds of Auckland’s emissions. Unless we intervene, our emissions will continue to increase. Low Carbon Auckland envisions a city with a prosperous eco-economy,  powered by clean energy and using sustainable resources, and sets targets to achieve this.

In 2017 Mayor Phil Goff signed the Local Government Leaders’ Climate Change Declaration. This commits Council to developing and implementing ambitious action plans that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support resilience within  Council and the local community.

Auckland Council and Council Controlled Organisations have made a number of infrastructure investments that reduce carbon emissions. These include double decker buses, electric trains, cycle ways, LED street lights and GreenStar-rated developments. Infrastructure projects are an excellent opportunity to reduce carbon emissions, however the way Aucklanders use this infrastructure is also part of the solution.

Why Live Lightly?

If we are to achieve the plan target, the average Aucklander's footprint will need to reduce from 7 tonnes to 3 tonnes of carbon per year. This means rethinking how each of us lives.

The Live Lightly programme aims to engage and enable Aucklanders to make everyday lifestyle choices to save money, and have a healthier life and planet.

The good news is that Council along with many community groups and individuals are already beginning to Live Lightly. Find out more about the programme - how you travel, the energy you use, your food, what you buy and waste - and see how you can make a difference today.