What is #wastefreeschools?

Conscious Consumerism – Making it happen!

Teachers around Auckland have been exploring the concept of Conscious Consumerism and linking to the New Zealand Curriculum. This has led to the development of a student action day in classrooms across the city; for students to understand the influence and impact of their consumer choices have on the planet. After much discussion teachers decided to focus their actions around a collective waste-free day. Urban areas are a huge source of carbon emissions that are having a significant effect on climate change. This climate impact is largely due to consumer choices; what we eat, use or buy – including food, clothes, electronics and more. The waste-free action day gives students and school communities the opportunity to take action and do their part to eliminate some of the carbon emissions by making more conscious choices and making it happen.

Take Action

You can take action at home 

1. Shop less. Instead, use what you have, borrow or swap with a friend)

2. Repair and look after what you have.

3. Shop secondhand and pre-loved.  

Take Part

Use the hashtag #wastefreeschools and share the image below on your social media channels to join the movement.
Tell us about what your school is doing or share how you are taking action at home. 

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