Choosing to Live Lightly

Ko te rongoā kei roto i ō tātau ringa
Already in our hands are the remedies

How do your choices support what nourishes you and your whānau, every day? Our choices reflect how we connect and ‘keep well’ the relationships between taiao (nature), whenua (land) and tangata (people).

We all have a collective responsibility to live more lightly and come into balance as part of the Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland ecosystem.


Every choice matters. So where do you start? We can help to explore the many everyday choices we face, from how you travel, the energy you use, the food you eat, what you buy, and what you waste.

Only you can make the choice to embrace the things you can do to support oranga (wellbeing) and leave a legacy our tūpuna (ancestors) and mokopuna (grandchildren) can be proud of.

Kotahitanga calls for us to come together and make our collective effort count.


Choose a kaupapa/theme below to explore how you can make a difference

Live lightly at home, at work, at school and in your community

Having an energy efficient home means I’m warmer, healthier and it costs less

Northcote, Auckland

Enjoy the thrill of the hunt to find that unique treasure


We feel lighter and have more energy

Margaret & Sam
Sandringham, Auckland

I got an e-bike and cut my commute by 42 minutes

Super commuter

We’ve planted around 65,000 native species

Friends of Oakley Creek

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