Competition Terms & Conditions

By taking part in the internal FutureFit pilot launch at Bledisloe House, you are entering the competition and are agreeing to these terms and conditions:

  • The competition takes place at Auckland Council’s Bledisloe House, 24 Wellesley Street, Auckland 1010.
  • The competition runs from Monday 29 October to midnight Sunday 18 October.
  • All actions and goals need to be completed by Sunday 18 November 2018. Actions and goals completed after this time will not count towards individual and team final results for this competition.
  • The individual and team leaderboard will be finalised on Monday 19 November 2018.
  • Prize giving takes place on Tuesday 20 November where winners will be announced, and prizes given out.
  • If the winner is not there on the day, they will be contacted by email and they can collect their prize from the Low Carbon Team (level 2 south) when they are next in the office.
  • If the winner has not claimed their prize by Friday 7 December, that person forfeits their prize and the second-place winner in that category will be awarded the prize. The new winner will be contacted by email.
  • Unsuccessful entrants will not be contacted.
  • The Low Carbon Team’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • All members of the Low Carbon Team including Danielle Kennedy, Sophie Heighway, Barry Potter and Dean Kimpton are not eligible to win prizes.
  • The prizes are:
    • For the team who has reduced the most carbon collectively;
      • Little Bird Organics carrot cake
      • Every team member gets a block of chocolate
    • For the individual who has reduced the most carbon;
      • Choose 2x prize from selection box (one premium and one standard)
    • For the individual who has completed the most actions;
      • Choose 2x prize from selection box (one premium and one standard)
    • For the 3x weekly spot prize winners;
      • Choose 2x prize from selection box (one premium and one standard).
  • Everyone who has completed one or more action each week will be entered into the draw to be a spot prize winner – winner will be randomly selected.
  • The prizes will be kept securely by the Low Carbon Team at Bledisloe House.

Note: This is an internal Auckland Council pilot launch of FutureFit. The public launch will be early 2019. The pilot needed to include a small group of Council staff, in one building, in a controlled setting. Bledisloe House was selected as it provides a good sample size of staff working in the building (approximately 1,000), and is the base of the Low Carbon Team. Effectiveness of posters and messaging is being tested in this pilot. To minimise use of paper, a comprehensive poster campaign is running where double-sided posters are flipped and moved to different floors every second day. It was not possible to do this at all Council buildings due to time and budget restrictions. We are also asking staff to report bugs. This is difficult to manage across all of Council, but is manageable in one building. Whiteboards will be available on every floor and collated every week. An all-Council FutureFit competition is planned once the website is publicly launched next year where all staff will be included.


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